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About Us

Ethik is an India based Non-Leather Fashion Label for Men. Our merchandise is produced as a superior alternative to leather, thus bringing a shift in consumer perception towards the ecosystem. At Ethik, our ultimate objective is to replace leather in all walks of human life by bringing an ethical shift in the consciousness of the buyer. The focus is to encourage environmental empathy without compromising on fashion choices, quality & creativity.

Founded in 2012, Ethik started as a pioneer in Non-Leather Lifestyle products. Our first store at Church Street in Bangalore was a favorite of consumers looking for cruelty-free fashion. Over the years, we at Ethik have had our fair share of success, failures & learnings. Armed with insights from the past, a vision for a sustainable future & a lip-smacking array of men's fashion products, ETHIK 2.0 is back online.


Pankaj Khabiya

Action Activist (Also Our Founder-Managing Director)

At Ethik since its very inception, Pankaj can go on for hours passionately speaking about sustainable fashion & why its high time to adopt it. Headlining design & production at Ethik, Pankaj is committed to creating a pair worthy of the customer's preferences. Additionally, the fact that he has the calmest head between his shoulders, ensures he is perfect to manage the chaos that production is.

Pankaj Khabiya
Bharat Ranka

Bharat Ranka

Action Activist (Co-Founder & Marketing Head)

Slice his wrist with a knife & he will bleed branding. No seriously, he is obsessed with the word 'Brand'. Joining hands with Pankaj, Bharat & his team are making sure Ethik is just not any other brand that's about selling. He is excited to take the message & philosophy of sustainable fashion to distant lands, through Marketing, Branding & Advertising.